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Thanks to our obsession with grassley progression we never run out of new ideas to keep expanding the products we can offer you. And given the growing customer awareness around the importance of ecological sustainability we are shifting our focus to these types of product choices. And that’s why we now offer you four types of backing to choose from and top of that the possibility to finish each quality with revolutionary Pureti finish.

Revolutionary Pureti finish

“Applying to all surfaces Self Disinfecting, Self Sustaining Nanotechnology of TiO2 • It works with the power of light, Destroying Microorganisms, Viruses, Bacteria and VOC.” by Richard Rubb (White house physician of the last 3 U.S. Presidents)

PURETi, is a product that improves air quality by breaking down nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur oxides (SOX) and volatile organic components (VOC). NOX and VOC are harmful substances mainly from traffic, industry and agriculture. Nitrogen compounds also threaten the biodiversity of nature reserves. In addition, NOX and VOC form an important part of particulate matter, which, according to research by the WHO (World Health Organization), is responsible for 7 million deaths worldwide every year.

PURETi is a photocatalytic nanotechnology that, once activated by UV or sunlight, starts a chemical process that uses oxygen (O2) and humidity (H20) in the ambient air to generate Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-) and Superoxide-anions (O2-). These are powerful cleaning agents that convert air-polluting molecules such as NOX, SOX and VOCs into harmless components.

So to wrap it all up, what can you expect from Pureti? A self cleaning turf that actively purifies air and works against odeurs. While also being anti-static. But also preventing the growth of mold, moss & algae! 

Our desire is to integrate environmental issues and recognize a fundamental shift in our relationship with the planet.Do you want to join us?

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4 Types of backing


Originally coming from the rubber trees but nowadays being man made. A fabric that’s tough and flexible at the same time. Making sure that the yarns stays in place even during periods of extensive use.


A perfect replacement for latex backing since it holds extra perks like working better against odeurs & isn’t affected by switches in temperature. Making it much easier to install in extreme weather conditions.


This type of coating has just recently been introduced. And thanks to this innovation artificial turf can now finally be 100% recycled. Making the theory of a cradle to cradle economy a reality for the first time in the history of turf!

ECO Back

Revolutionary tuft mat which at the same time doubles as the actual backing. And since it’s only made out of 100% organic matter, making this another product that can be considered fully reusable in it’s next life.

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