Ecovadis Gold Rating

Dedicated to sustainability and responsible commercial practices, Sports & Leisure Group respects the United Nations Global Compact. Sports & Leisure Group requires its suppliers to maintain a corporate policy that will respect the commitments of the United Nations Global Compact by applying in their company and to their own suppliers the ten principles of the Global Compact listed below, which the supplier undertakes to abide by the following rules:


A comprehensive sustainability rating tool

Ecovadis measures the quality of an organisations sustainability management. To do this they take into account the policies, actions and result around sustainability and scores them according to their efforts. If the quality of the management system is high enough the organisation is awarded a medal. There are four possible medal categories:

TOP 50%


TOP 25%


TOP 5%


TOP 1%


Sustainability is more than just the environment

Sustainability is a very broad and interconnected subject, as a result it is important to not just focus on one aspect, but to look to the sustainable efforts as a whole. Because of this Ecovadis has four main categories it includes in its assessment of a company:

  • The environment: Very important in determining the score
  • Social aspect: Very important in determining the score
  • Ethical procedures: Important in determining the score
  • The supply chain of the company: Less important in determining the score


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