Magnificent Collection


Magnificence was born out of a desire to provide a unique sensory experience with primarily dense and luxuriously looking grasses.

None of the classics in this collection could have ever withstood the test of time, without its bewildering class. This perfection can be traced back to an era of game changing innovation. Even until now the magnificent collection stands undefeated. Whatever surpasses their successes will shake the world of artificial grass by its roots.

Furthermore, we continuously keep striving to achieve this level of full enlightenment. When Fungrass will transcend into its new physical forms. But until that moment, the magnificent collection will remain the all-time favorite.

It must be the luxurious feeling of matted yarns that keep you hooked. The Magnificent Collection has everything you ever dreamed of and will probably ever dream of. 

Never change a winning team.

  • Shape – V-Shape + Xtra Spine Technology (XST)
  • Pile height – 43 Mm
Shape: XST

* Disclaimer Recyclability: Only applicable to 100% PE products. Otherwise smaller percentages will be applicable.

** Disclaimer Warranty: Still is the average warranty term. For each product specific warranty please ask us for the exact warranty period depending on your exact geographical location.

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