Shuffle Family

Thomasson Shuffle

The shuffle range is basically a copy of real grass. As diverse as nature itself. All possible shapes, sizes, colors and densities that can be found in the great outdoors.

Can’t choose? Take a second and relax. What is that? Can we improve? Something new? A real innovation? Choose diversification! Latest development in the grass scene. 

Impression: “It’s like a Dali, you’ll never fully understand but you’d be impressed.”

  • Shape – W-Shape + C-Rib + MiNT – 4 Colors
  • Pile height – 32 Mm
Shape: W-SHape

* Disclaimer Recyclability: Only applicable to 100% PE products. Otherwise smaller percentages will be applicable.

** Disclaimer Warranty: Still is the average warranty term. For each product specific warranty please ask us for the exact warranty period depending on your exact geographical location.