Diversity Collection

Sublime Magique

With Diversity, we want to get closer to natural grass by offering you several types of shapes and colors combined in just one product. Therefore perfectly mimicking nature’s beauty.

  • Shape – MiNT, Diamond & XST + C + Double XST
  • Pile height – 50 Mm
Shape: Micro Nerve Technology

Breaking the enigma code

A code so important to crack that it forever changed the course of humankind. The brightest minds from  all across the globe broke their heads on cracking this riddle. 

But when the code’s true meaning was finally unravelled, the path in front of them was nothing more than a road straight to success. 

Much like the new Diversity product line which managed to accomplish the impossible. 

Enigma will set the tone for artificial grass in the 21st century. Impossible to decode by most but brought to you right here and now to be enjoyed in all its glory.

The Enigma that finally manages to break the Stigma around artificiality.

* Disclaimer Recyclability: Only applicable to 100% PE products. Otherwise smaller percentages will be applicable.

** Disclaimer Warranty: Still is the average warranty term. For each product specific warranty please ask us for the exact warranty period depending on your exact geographical location.

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