Budget Collection


“You can choose every color you like, as long as it’s green.”

What does your heart desire most? Do you truly ever know for sure? Save yourself the hassle, no need to trouble your head with such matters. Let the XST do the hard work. A shape so unique, it knows all your deepest desires. Let it inspire you on a whole new level. This is the dawn of a new era. 

A smart lawn that regenerates instantaneously. Remembering its original posture within a matter of seconds. Its unforgettable gentle touch. With a pile height that takes you to the highest peaks. And all this exclusivity, just within your reach cause you get . Get rid of the fog, see clearly. Enter the new age of enlightenment with Extra Spine Technology. 

And some things in life must be hard to accept… But certainly not these price tags.

  • Shape – Xtra Spine Technology (XST)
  • Pile height –  35 Mm
Shape: XST

* Disclaimer Recyclability: Only applicable to 100% PE products. Otherwise smaller percentages will be applicable.

** Disclaimer Warranty: Still is the average warranty term. For each product specific warranty please ask us for the exact warranty period depending on your exact geographical location.

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