Romance Family

First Romance

It’s time for a new decade. One you’ll want to share with your truly beloved. A heavenly feeling that will stay with you until the end of days.The love family can be considered the little brother of the Chique range bringing a more economical entrypoint to the revolutionary MiNT technology.

  • Shape – Mint
  • Pile height – 35 mm
Shape: Mint

More about the XST yarn

We find ourselves on a crossroad, where it’s hard to say goodbye to what once was. What the future holds for you is everything you might have ever expected of artificial grass and more. It’s soft, resilient and robust. You heard it right; these three characteristics can now be combined.

Don’t stand there in awe and keep reading. We are talking about a revolutionary SXT fibre that can do it all. Backed up by its 160 micron central nerve and available in tons of different color ranges, with various textures and an endless stream of possibilities for even more constructions.

This unique and exclusive shape gives a much needed boost to every garden out there. If your grass had a   turbo it would be going far beyond its maximum capacities. 

The perfectly trimmed English garden is no longer a dream, because the extra spine technology is here!

* Disclaimer Recyclability: Only applicable to 100% PE products. Otherwise smaller percentages will be applicable.

** Disclaimer Warranty: Still is the average warranty term. For each product specific warranty please ask us for the exact warranty period depending on your exact geographical location.

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