Artificial Grass

Our product ranges

We created multiple product ranges in which you’ll surely be able to find everything that you and your clientele are possibly looking for. If you want to get extra information about either one of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Budget Collection

Bang for one’s buck

Example: Hastings

Magnificent Collection

Super soft and an effortlessly cool look

Example: Tribute

Diversity Collection

Wide range of shapes and colors

Example: Sublime Magique

XST Collection

Extra Spine Technology

Example: Faro

Popular Families

Never change a winning team

Chique Family

Elegance at first glance

Romance Family

Love never lets you down

Example: First Romance

Shuffle Family

Diversity is complexity

Example: Thomasson Shuffle

PU Family

Survival of the fittest

Example: Mahogany Master

ECO Back

The Future starts now

Example: Ecoback 43

Colors Family

Create your own world

Example: Gameplay 



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