State of the art
artificial grass

Artificial grass that mimics all imperfections of natural grass to the greatest perfection.

The road forward!

In a fast paced world we feel that it is our responsibility to lead the revolution. We think further than simply what tomorrow holds. By reinventing ourselves we are anticipating the growing demand in combination with evolving consumer preferences. Our name says it all. We are FUNgrass, a brand that is meant to put a smile on people’s faces. 

It’s a well known fact that we have mastered the skill of manufacturing state of the art artificial grass. The reputation of our in-house expertise exceeds itself. In fact, up until now our products talked for themselves. 

And now it’s time to take it one step further. FUNgrass stands for artificial grass that mimics all imperfections of natural grass to the greatest perfection. 

On top of that, we bring you the highest-grade products out there. Which are 100% European-made,  in our own production plant which is based at the heart of Belgium. Putting ourselves at the forefront of artificial grass innovations. 

A leading role we take very seriously, you can count on us for launching much awaited product improvements in the years to come. 

Putting a strong emphasis on: recyclable products, green image surrounding our brand, revolutionary backings and coatings, but especially the will to drive innovation within the overall sector with a primary focus on being true to nature.

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